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CFA Society Boston Financial Literacy Volunteers

Signup Deadline: 05-11-2021
Starts: 05-12-2021
Ends: 05-12-2021


CFA Society Boston’s Financial Literacy Initiative’s mission is to close the financial literacy gap by imparting financial knowledge without conflicts of interest, thereby improving the lives of the current and future investing public, the credibility of our industry and ultimately, the stability of our economy. 

This community outreach program makes valuable financial literacy content available to the general investing public (high school onward) through alliances with non-profit groups. The initiative addresses issues such as Personal Finance, Basics of Investing, Retirement, Bonds vs. Equities, Choosing a Bank, and more. NEW FinLit is looking at offering virtual outreach offerings to non-profit groups. 

Volunteers Needed:

150 (117 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience




Caitlin Basler
CFA Society Boston