By Tabarak Ur Rehman Chaudhry posted 12-19-2022 15:48


I recently had the opportunity to attend the CFA Society Boston's Sustainable Investing Conference for 2022, and it was an intellectually fulfilling and thought-provoking experience.

The conference opened with remarks from Heather Young, CFA. She narrated how sustainability can be integrated into our daily lives and the challenges we may face along the way. She told the story of her friend who couldn't find a sustainable way to travel home after running the New York Marathon, highlighting the need to develop such solutions and the importance of considering the environmental impact of our actions.

One of the conference's highlights for me was Spencer Glendon's keynote titled "Without Climate Stability, There Are No CFAs." He discussed the history of temperatures on Earth and how our species has evolved and settled. He also proposed actions for investors and policymakers to take in order to integrate sustainability into their practices.

During the panel discussion "ESG Analysis & Integration – A Practitioner's Perspective," Kristoff Nelson, CFA, pointed out that asset managers are inherently yield-seekers and emphasized the importance of better investment opportunities that prioritize sustainability. Another panelist discussed the concept of investing in companies that are participating in energy transition rather than divesting entirely from fossil fuel companies.

In addition to these engaging talks, the conference also featured sessions on "What Can European Implementation Tell Us About How US Implementation Will Take Shape," "Next Gen Data," "Navigating the 'S' in ESG," and "Disclosure Standards for Investment Products – Early Experiences," which provided valuable insights on the regulations, disclosures, and alternative data used in ESG investing.

Overall, the conference was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about sustainable investing and the role that CFA Society Boston is playing in advancing this important topic. The food was amazing, and I left the conference feeling energized and inspired to continue learning and advocating for sustainable practices in my own investing.